Homemade Unsweetened Almond mylk

It all started when…

My almond mylk is simple, nutritious, & contains minimal ingredients. 

My almond mylk is simple, nutritious, & contains minimal ingredients. 

I began using almond milk in my coffee. I loved the taste it added and the comforting feeling i got in my belly. Unfortunately, when i started reading the ingredient list, more often then not, there were added thickeners, gums, & lots of "weird stuff". I finally found Malk Organics, a brand i proudly represent as an ambassador, but was curious to start making my own. 


what you need:

2 c organic raw almonds (I use 1 c organic sprouted raw almonds + 1 cup organic raw almonds)

9 c filtered water 

high speed blender (I use this one)

Cheese cloth or Nut Milk Bag (Here's one that you can use!

Empty glass bottles (Pictured: 16 oz glass bottles)

Stainless Steal Mesh Basket Strainer (I use something like this but any strainer will work)

Cooking Process

  1. Combine 2 c almonds and 3 c filtered water into a large bowl. Cover bowl with a dish towel. Let sit & soak overnight.
  2. Strain the almonds.
  3. Peel the almonds. (Pinch the end of the almond and it should pop right out!)
  4. Combine the "naked" almonds & 6 c of water into the high speed blender. Blend on high for about 1-2 minutes.
  5. Place the cheese cloth or nut milk bag over a large bowl. Begin pouring the almond milk over the cloth into the bowl. (Pulp will begin building up in the cloth. Using your hands, squeeze excess mylk from the pulp -- separating the liquid from the pulp)
  6. Pour the almond mylk back into the blender. Blend on high for 2-3 minutes.