Cacao Energy Bites

It all started when...

I had an awkward amount of MMB leftover from a batch. So, I decided to mix some of my favorite things together! 


What you need:

Food Processor  

1 c Medjool Dates (pitted & packed)

1/2 c Mag's Mad Butter (Let's be honest, there is no limit for this!)

1/2 c raw pumpkin seeds

1/3 c raw cacao powder (I use this)

3 tbsp hemp seeds (I use these)

1/3 c shredded unsweetened coconut 

Cooking process:

1. Combine all the ingredients into the food processor.

2. Begin pulsing the ingredients. Then, blend until you have a dough-like texture. (If the "dough" is wet, that is okay!)

3. Roll mixture into balls. Store in the refrigerator!  

Optional: Roll each ball in hemp seeds or cacao powder, add goji berries, or chia seeds! 

Note: These can be frozen! They will last forever (if you don't eat them!)